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It's no secret that the iconic motorcycle brand has been moving in a new direction. They can be ridden anywhere, these bikes, on the road and off it. The idea of adventure (or allroad, roadplus and enduroad as some people are calling this style of bike) is also finding fans, with the ability to dart down a bridleway or over the plain or along a fireroad to mix up a regular road ride appealing to cyclists keen to get away from the congested streets and into the wide open countryside.

Designed for long days out where stability, practicality and rider comfort are as important as performance, these bikes are usually designed to take pannier racks, mudguards and slightly wider tyres. The Kawasaki KLR650 rarely gets a mention when it comes to lists about adventure motorcycles, and that's a shame.

The motor company will also be bringing other, smaller electric motorcycles and bicycles to market over the next-half decade, in a transparent attempt to attract new, younger riders to the brand. Adventure motorcycle jackets truly are the pinnacle of motorcycle gear technology, built for the extreme ADV rider.

Adventure Bike Warehouse is an online shop providing great gear and offering genuine help and advice. Having lived and solo ridden in Western China on small motorcycles, he understands that the most important part of your adventure is you. Riders that use a DR650 for adventure riding will normally perform oil changes at the factory recommendation of 5,500 km.

This is the first adventure bike from the brand, a growing segment where bikes from Honda, KTM, and BMW are popular. That's why we're not going to be awarding the BMW R1200GS Rallye the top spot on our list of the best adventure motorcycles. Because on the road, that 200 plus kilos is largely unnoticeable - with massive brakes and road based rubber, great balance and slippery ergonomics your bike handles and stops perfectly - it's a fantastic piece of engineering.

There are no valve probs with the a media beat up. It is a smooth road bike with adventure stylingThe problem is it is too heavy ,not the right sort of for general touring on road and will handle rough roads, dry packed dirt but not sand or mud or grass.

If you are a smaller rider, then a 250cc may be your only option or if you are primarily looking for a lightweight dual sport bike to link up trails. In my opinion there are many more important areas to consider such as weight, seat height, engine capacity etc when choosing your adventure bike, being air cooled or watercooled shouldn't really be considered a showstopper.

RawHyde has been involved in the Adventure Riding segment of the motorcycle world for more than 15 years. To some riders, this is an issue, but if you're really into adventure riding, the less things that can go wrong, the better. A mid-sized adventure bike normally weighs in between 140 kg to 180 kg (fuelled without gear).

A new, modern TFT dash has been implemented, switchgear is backlit (we love this), and an Off-Road Pro rider mode will help make the behemoth a little more sure footed on the dirt. Selecting the best Adventure Bike always depends on each individual's riding experience, budget and the intended usage of the bike.

Adventure - Gravel bikes are the Swiss Army Knife of the cycling world and can take you further than you'd ever imagined. And Guglatech has an innovative fuel filter that is a must have for off-road adventure travellers. This is not a list of Top Dual Sport bikes with an off-road focus.

Thanks to that fun triple cylinder engine, it makes for a great sized machine that has enough grunt for a wide range of riding styles but keeps the whole package nice and light and nimble at the same time. It's been in our bloodline ever since the very first Triumph Tigers won three gold medals in the 1936 International Six Days Trial, and this started the first chapter of the world's adv riding longest-running adventure motorbike story.

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